Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love in Action

Life has kept me busy, but I'm really looking forward to creating again. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve, I just need time and space to create. I do have a layout I created for Layout Tag to share. I was asked to lift this layout created by Merrilee. Incidentally I also used Merrilee's Misty Sunset kit for much of the layout. Merrilee's kit is available here.

I just had to go browsing through some Mother Theresa quotes for this layout, knowing I would probably find the perfect quote. These pictures are once again from my mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I found that this was an amazing experience. I always had a vision of these orphanages as dingy dirty over crowded places with very little love. What a delight it was to see this amazingly wonderful orphanage! Everything was bright and cheery, with the most wonderful toys, playground and educational resources. To round it out the love and affection shown to these children by the sisters was phenomenal! The only thing lacking was what they could not give these kids: family.

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