Friday, December 16, 2011


I came across a lovely scarf on this blog and I decided I would try and make myself one, and while I was at it I could whip one up for my niece for Christmas as well to go along with the gift card I got her.

I only used a single layer of fabric because I felt it would be quite thick and only suitable as a winter scarf and I thought the flower detail was too pretty to hide under a coat.  I rounded the ends of the 8" wide fabric before ruffling it.  I added 13 flowers (only because that's what I could get out of the remaining fabric).  I hand sewed the flowers and added 3 silver seed beads to the centre.  I then sewed them to the scarf making sure to keep the stitches at the back of the scarf neat and tidy, and starting and finishing my work on the back of the flower. Frankly I'll admit I was lazy and tried washable fabric glue and when I hand washed it 4 flowers fell off, but I also noticed that the flowers looked crappy after coming out of the wash.  Although I had already noticed that they looked a little limp and the tops were falling down when I lifted the scarf up.  To remedy that I took some no-sew seam tape to attach the flowers to the scarf further.  The flowers right now look a little flat from ironing on bits of seam tape, but they should puff back up a little.  I only attached them in two or three places.

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