Sunday, August 1, 2010

Covering Foam Stickers with paper using the Silhouette.

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Image 1
I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on covering foam stickers or chipboard with paper using your Silhouette.  I'm going to presume you are comfortable using your photo editing software.  First of all you need to take the items you want to cover and scan them at 300 dpi (this is important because it will allow you to cut your paper at the exact same size as the material you are covering).  It is best if there is good contrast between the background and the items being scanned.  Import this into your photo editing software and remove the background. For this example (Image 1), even though I used a white alphabet, I scanned a black version because it has great contrast to the background they are mounted on.  If you only have white/light colour you may need to  create the contrast by temporarily adhering it to some clear plastic and use black card stock behind that in your scan.
Image 3
Image 5
Image 4
Image 6
Because I have great contrast here I could simply play with the contrast of the colours to change it to this pure black and white image (Image 2).  You may need to manually erase some of the edges paying a bit of attention to any shadows cast in the scan as well.  Convert this to a black and white image to get the maximum contrast which will make it easier for Robomaster to detect the edges when you get the outline.   One way to achieve this is to remove the white background and then selecting what is left behind. If you then create a new transparent layer you can use black bucket fill to fill the letters.  Then add a new white layer below this and flatten it to get a pure black and white image.  Since I scanned the entire sticker sheet I then cut and pasted the letters I needed (the r was on a second sheet I didn't show for brevity).   Save this file (Image 3).

Open up the Robomaster software and create a new file.  Click on the 'Get Outline' button (Image 4).  Select File, then 'Load Image' and open the saved image which should look like image 5.  Select 'Convert to Outline'  and it will look like Image 6.  If the outline is not as smooth  as you'd like you can select 'Edit Image' and adjust the threshold.  If you only have an occasional 'blip' where it's not as smooth as you'd like you can play with the Delete/Add Break Point functions.  When you're finished editing select 'Paste then Exit' button and click on your document where you'd like to place it (Image 7).  DO NOTadjust the size.  Finally cut this out using your Silhouette and you will get perfectly sized paper to cover your chipboard or foam alphabet stickers.

You can see the finished product I used on this Layout.

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