Friday, January 8, 2010

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls really is a photographers paradise. Just before Christmas DH and I visited Niagara Falls during the Winter Festival of Lights.

 I had never given much thought to visiting the falls during the winter. I have been there in the summer, but I always find the massive crowds a large turnoff. I was shocked at how peaceful and mesmerizingly beautiful the falls are in the wintertime. Next time we go (in the off season) we will certainly take much more time and avail ourselves of all the activities in the area, and explore this amazing little area. The town itself has a great shopping and entertainment district, and nearby is the quaint little town of Niagara on the Lake that is a must see, as well as boasting an amazing little wine region. A wine tour of the region is on my list of things 'to do'.

I had great fun trying to capture the falls on my camera, and trying out various settings to capture the lights and the night shots. Since it was a date for us I just didn't think it would be romantic to drag my tripod around everywhere as well, but it certainly made for tricky shooting considering it was well below freezing, and the humidity created by the falls makes it bone chilling. I may have to invest in some fingertip gloves, since it's nearly impossible to operate the camera controls wearing gloves, then as your hands get cold your agility goes down and you start to shake. It's a good thing we are in the digital age and we can often take multiples shots to get things right.

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