Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunny Bouquet

This little tissue pack holder would be perfect to add to a little girl's backpack.  Normally those little packages of tissues get so squished after you open them.  After I put the box together and added the Karen Neuburger paper I hastily added the Bunny Bouquet digital stamp I had coloured to the front of the box... not realizing I hadn't finished smoothing out the colouring job (yes, I have too much on the go right now).  Oh well, it is stuck now, so short of finding something the exact size of the inside of the box I can't touch it up.  I did not add any dimensional adhesives, so that the image wouldn't catch on anything while being used and torn off.  The box opens at the bottom to replace the package of tissue.  These little boxes are really easy to put together and I plan to make another one for my own purse.  If I remember I will take a few pics along the way and create a tutorial to share with all of you.

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