Monday, April 26, 2010

Butterfly card

I saw this GSD file and I was immediately inspired. I cut the base out of plain white cardstock, inked the edges liberally with Lemonade Adirondack ink, then followed up with a touch of Sunset Orange Adirondack ink. I took a piece of bright yellow white core cardstock and cut out the butterfly with an offset of 4. I took that and ran it through the Cuttlebug with the Victoria embossing folder. The whole buterfly however doesn't fit through in one pass, so I had to find an unobtrusive place to split the card. For this butterfly that would be the center. I placed the left side into the right side of the embossing folder lining the edge of the design up with the center of the butterfly. Then I ran the folder sideways through the Cuttlebug. I repeated this with the other side of the butterfly. I then sanded the embossed design to bring out the white core of the cardstock on the raised portion of the design. After this I covered the top butterfly with LuminArte Iridescent Red Radiant Rain to give a nice shimmer. I wrapped the wet butterfly around the Radiant Rain bottle to dry (with the outside facing out) so the wings would gain some nice curl as it dried. I then took the Sunset Orange ink again and also inked the edges of this butterfly. I added a double layer of foam adhesive down the middle of the back of each wing to maintain the curl on the wing. Before gluing the butterfly onto the base I took two sprigs from a pearl spray (out of the wedding section) and pulled all but the last 3 of the pearls off of each, and loosened all but the last one so I could slide them closer together. I taped them to the base for the antennae and snipped off the excess stem. I added rhinestone flourishes to the upper part of the wing, as well as some sections of a scalloped border to the bottom tips of the base of the card. I did have to force these to reshape before I securely fastened them down. Next I took some sheer white ribbon and used the bow easy to create a large bow for the centre of the card. I rounded the tails of the ribbon to reflect the rounded tips of the wings. I then added a yellow and orange paper rose I found at the $store on top of the bow. I finished it off by taking some KaiserCraft Pearls to the body of the butterfly leading to the pearl antennae.

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