Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few photographs

However busy I may be I do generally find some time to pull out my camera for a little photo shoot.

We recently became chicken farmers, and when our first flock of chicks arrived I of course had to do a little photo session. I must say they are certainly not nearly as cute now that they are fully grown and ready to leave. How adorable is this curled up little snoozing day old baby chick.

Spring has arrived and with it my flower beds are starting to burst with blossoms. These daffodils have been a fragrant addition to my home as well.

I really love this photograph. The colour of the Crocuses pops between the foliage and fall leaves, and the old wagon wheel makes a stunning backdrop.

I caught this striking sunset a few weeks ago. The silhouette of the three trees set of the bold colours of the horizon.

This precious munchkin is my pride and joy right now. I had fully intended to give up his mamma to a good home before we moved, until this little bundle arrived. It's my little mini munchkin who can turn into a mighty monster in minutes.

Now, of course you have to capture the humorous moments in life as well. We were enjoying a warm sunny day out on the deck when our little munchkin decided he would like to join us. Of course the good mom I am I had to run in the house and grab my camera before I came to his rescue.

Some days he thinks he is a puppy instead of a kitten. Here I caught him fighting with my husband's shoes, shaking his head back and forth. He actually managed to drag it off a little ways, as the action blur shows.

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