Sunday, October 24, 2010

International Card Making Day Spirited Scrap

Here is the card this Spirited Scrap will be creating.  It is a delightful card with a hint of a coffee scent to perk up your friend on a blue day.

Supply List:
card stock or patterned paper- at least 4 1/2 x12"
2 small pieces of card stock at least 3x4", one must be a light colour
3x4" transparency or a piece of clear plastic from some packaging.
a 4 1/4x5 1/2" envelope.
adhesive of your choice.
foam adhesive 3/16" wide.. thicker is better.
      You could use a wider one if you cut it in half.. or use a lot of small squares.
      You may also find this in the adhesive section of the hardware/$store for mounting pictures.
Treat yourself to some freshly ground coffee for the day, reserving 1 tsp and 3 whole coffee beans
scissors, printer
embellishments to dress up the card

Step 1:
Print the template on the back of the card stock or patterned paper using a borderless print.  If you only have a 4 ½” wide piece of card stock you may want to print on scrap paper, then tape the card stock over the scrap paper template in proper position using scotch tape and run it through the printer again.  Cut out the card base, score and fold.
If you want to cover it in patterned paper you can use the single layer (at the side of the template provided) as a template.

Step 2:
Print out the quote “A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.” onto scrap paper using your favourite font in a 1 ½” column using a font size so that the quote is also about 1 ½” tall.  Set the colour to coordinate with your paper if you like.

Cover it with the 4x3” piece of light coloured card stock, tape it down and run through the printer a second time.

Using your favourite oval cutting tool (or the template in step 1) cut an approximately 3 ¼ x 2 ½” tall oval around the quote.  Cut a second oval from the other piece of cardstock and another oval out of the center so that you end up with a ¼” frame (approximately; it must be wider than the foam adhesive).
Also cut a slightly smaller oval from the transparency or clear plastic.

Step 3:
Glue the transparency oval to the back of the oval frame.

Adhere the foam adhesive all the way around the frame making sure it stays on the oval frame.  (The paper backing will not bend like the foam adhesive and pop off during the process.) 

To add more dimension remove the paper backing from the adhesive and add another layer of foam adhesive. 

Place ¼ tsp of coffee grinds on top of the quote.

Glue the dimensional frame carefully to the quote making sure it lines up. 

You have now created a shadow box. (You can also use individual foam squares making sure the squares butt tightly against each other so that your filler stays inside the shadow box)

Step 4:
Glue this to the front of the card base.

Then glue three coffee beans to the top right hand corner of the shadow box. (I did it the other way around and found it hard to add the glue to the back of the shadow box while the glue on the coffee beans was drying)

Decorate the card further as you wish.
I used two Prima mulberry flowers centered with a coffee bean, surrounded by Martha Stewart twig punch die cuts and a piece of narrow brown satin ribbon tied in a bow.

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