Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magnolia cup sleeve.

I used a cup sleeve template and created a file where I layered various magnolia blossoms to create a bouquet. I added a shadow between the layers to give it some dimension, I then added a digital paper behind the flowers and printed it out. I cut it to the shape of the cup sleeve template and then covered it with a clear mac tac that I cut slightly larger than the card stock. I folded over the sides to the back. I cut the top and bottom every half inch and folded it towards the back as well. I then adhered it onto the fun foam that was cut to the shape of the larger template. I did cut a portion of the fun foam off the end so it wouldn't overlap like the card stock layer. I then stitched all around the card stock through the foam as well as stitching the overlapping paper together. Then just to add a wee little bit of dimension to the project I stitched on a small fabric butterfly between the magnolia blossoms.  I slipped the whole thing onto my ceramic travel mug and now it is sooo pretty... no more bland boring old travel mug for me.   The layer of clear mac tac allows it to handle a little bit of moisture, of course I still wouldn't suggest more than a damp rag to wipe the sleeve, but it easily slips of to wash the mug.


  1. This is so clever, Willemien! I love it!

  2. This is a great idea and love the way you've combined the flowers with the paper, really sets them off well


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