Friday, September 10, 2010

Dressing up punchy or die cut flowers and leaves

Here is a quick tutorial on how to dress up your flat punchie/diecut flowers and leaves to use on a layout or a card. I used this flower on the I'm sorry card, although I have other examples of similar flowers on my blog.

We could just layer the flowers and leaf together like this, and it would be okay, but I'm going to show you how to add some dimension and pizazz.

First of all take a nice shade of ink slightly darker than your flower or leaf or a nice coordinating colour and ink the edges.

Secondly find an object with a nice rounded end (possibly a rounded capped pen, I have a jumbo dry embossing tip).  Lay the first layer of your flower in your palm and press the rounded object into the center and cup your hand to force the petals up.  Repeat the process with the other/remaining layers of your flowers.
(isn't DH a sweetie for modeling this for me Smiley )
Take the leaf and bend it from the stem to the tip of the leaf , preferably not in a perfectly straight line.

Take a pearl, jewel, brad or some stickles and add it to the center of the smallest/inner flower.  Glue the layers of the flowers together, offsetting the petals of the layer above it to the spaces of the flower below it. Add a little bit of glue to the stem(s) of the leaf and adhere to the bottom of the finished flower.

Now you're ready to add the flower to your layout or card

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