Thursday, September 9, 2010

Printing text on a diecut in a coordinating colour.

Here is a small tutorial on how printed the text in a coordinating colour on a die cut, like I showed in this card.  First of all I scan whatever it is I am drawing my colour inspiration for the text, and save it to my computer.  I open up the file using my photo editing software, which in my case is GIMP.  I use the colour selection tool and grab the colour from the file I am interested in.  Most software allow you to change the size of the area of the colour selector.  If your source has intricate variation in colour it is best to set the size small so you do not pick up the neighbouring colours as well.  If the area is large then setting a larger size will blend together all the shades within the field that the scanner picks up giving you the colour your eye perceives.

Open up a new document and set up your sentiment using a favourite font.  Adjust the size of the text so it will fit inside the dimensions of your die cut.  It is aesthetically pleasing to leave some white space all around the sentiment as long as the text is still in a legible size.  Print this out on a piece of scrap printer paper.  Double check that you are satisfied with the colour and size of the text relative to the die cut.   Add a few small dabs of (temporary) adhesive to the back of your die cut and center it over the text on your scrap paper.  Next take another another small strip of scrap paper and place it over the top edge of the die cut without interfering with the printed sentiment.  Place a piece of scotch tape over the top of the scrap strip.  Doing this will prevent the die cut from jamming in your printer instead giving it a smooth line to feed in.  Place the scrap paper back into your printer in the same direction you originally had it and print the sentiment again.  This should give you a perfectly placed sentiment in a coordinating colour on your die cut.  You can go ahead and remove it from the scrap paper.  If you didn't use temporary adhesive, because the scrap paper is much lighter it will rip more easily than your card stock and you should have no problems.

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