Monday, September 20, 2010

Spirited Scrap: Joy Fold Card

Supply list:
5x7 ½” card stock sturdy
4x8 card stock sturdy
 3 ¾ x3 ¾ coordinating card stock or patterned paper (any weight)
4 ¾ x4 ¾ coordinating card stock or patterned paper (any weight)
3 ½ x 3 ½  card stock with digital image, stamped image, word art or verse (see suggestions at the bottom of this post)
       (or mount the cut out image on this card stock with dimensional adhesive for affect if you like)
(2) 3 ¾ x3 ¾ light coloured card stock (if you did not print a sentiment/poem on the
       previous piece you may choose to do so on one of these)
(2) 4 ¾ x 2 ¼ card stock or patterned paper (any weight)
5” decorative edge strip ie) using border paper punch, scallop edge, paper frills,
       bazzill edge strips, cut with a die cutting machine, deco scissors… the possibilities are endless
12”ribbon ½ to 1” wide not too thick (so it’s easier to work with)
photo turn with brad
glue of your choice
scoring tool, like a scor pal, or a boning knife, dry embossing stylus, a pen you’re
       absolutely sure is not going to release any ink, butter knife and a ruler and pencil
optional embellishments like ink, pearls, gems, glitter, sewing machine, rub on stitches,
       dimensional glues, flowers, button, metal to add your own touches
8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 12 plain copy paper, card stock, patterned paper for an envelope
envelope template printed ~the envelope template is exactly 11” so all of it will not print
       considering page margins, you will need to extend the lines to the length indicated
       on the template.  Also if you have some creased/stained or otherwise undesirable
       card stock it will make a sturdy reusable template.  Please print and cut out before the Spirited Scrap.
Here is the template: in jpg format and as a pdf
       make sure the distance between the two points as shown in this image is approximately 5 1/4".
       You may need to set your printer to do a borderless print.  It must be bigger than 5"

Optional 1 ½ x 4 piece of sturdy box board… this doesn’t need to look really pretty,
       go ahead and cut it with your kitchen scissors, then cut a 1/2 x 2" slit in the top (I actually cut it on the fold
       of a box so it would be double thickness); or a bow easy

Step 1)

1)      Mark the 5x7 ½” piece of cardstock at 5” (just a very small mark so it’s hardly visible later, on both sides).  Using your ruler and scoring tool score the cardstock at 5” and fold.
2)      Now take the 4x8” piece of cardstock and mark at 4”; score and fold this piece as well.
3)      Ink or distress the edges of the front and inside of your cardstock if desired (the 2 ½” piece will be the front of your card)
4)      Ink or distress the front edges of your remaining cardstock if desired.

Step 2)

1)      Take the 3 ¾ x 3 ¾” piece (the first one listed in the supplies) and adhere it onto the 4x4” card base.  Then take the 3 ½ x3 ½” stamped/embellished piece and adhere it onto the 4x4” base as well.
2)      Open up the 4x4 card base and take the two remaining 3 ¾ x3 ¾” pieces and adhere one to the top and one to the bottom.

Step 3)

1)      Open up the 5x5 cardstock base and adhere the 4 ¾ x 4 ¾” piece of paper to the inside.
2)      Adhere the decorative edge strip along the bottom of the card base (2 ½” side) on the inside of the card.
3)      Take the one of the 4 ¾ x 2 ¼” pieces and adhere it over/along the decorative edge strip.
Step 4)

1)      Open up the 5x5” base with the 2 ½” flap towards you and adhere the 4x4” card base with the fold away from you, to the center of the card.

Step 5)

1)      Open up the 4x4 card, fold the base of the 5x5 card up, and once again close the 4x4” card back up.  Temporarily place the remaining 4 ¾ x 2 ¼” piece of paper onto the half flap.
2)      Place the photo turn to the left of the 4x4 card and mark the hole.  Take the piece of paper out of the card again and fasten the photo turn on the mark.
3)      Adhere the piece to the card.

Step 6)

We are going to tie a bow in the ribbon.  If you have a bow easy and know how to use it go ahead J I’ll give the rest of you direction on how to tie a bow using your slotted boxboard.

1)      Take your slotted pieces of boxboard and lay your ribbon across the front with the length of the desired tail on the left side.  (If you’re a lefty you may want to reverse your left and rights throughout this process.)
2)      We’ll be working with the long length of ribbon on the right hand side.  Take the ribbon and run it along the back of the boxboard.
3)      Bring it back up along the front leaving some slack on the ribbon, and down along the top through the slot.
4)      Bring the ribbon back up through the slot below the ribbon.
5)      Pass your ribbon through the slack piece of ribbon from the top left to the bottom right as shown in the picture, then pull it away from you.
6)      Flip the boxboard over bottom to top. And pull ribbon down and tight.  You may have to adjust the knot a little as you tighten so it’s nicely centered and looks pretty.  If you have printed ribbon make sure the pattern faces the front.
7)      Pull the tail back down towards you and pull the bow off your boxboard.
8)      You may want to tighten adjust the bow a little more, and then trim the tails to the length and shape desired.

9)      Adhere the bow to the top right hand of your card.
WARNING: If you pull on the tails to undo your bow and try again you will end up with a knot in your ribbon; pull apart the knot instead.

Step 7)

1)      Take out your envelope paper and trace out your template.  If you are using an 8 ½ x12” piece of paper you could add another 1” to the flap closure of the envelope and then punch the same decorative edge you used on the card.
 2)      Score the fold lines of the envelope and fold the sides in.
3)      Add glue to the back flap.  Lining a ruler along the side flaps makes sure you don’t place glue where it will adhere to the front of the envelope
4)      Decorate the envelope, if you wish, using the patterned paper or stamps used on the card.

Step 8)

      Finish off your card with any details you like to make it your own.

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