Friday, November 12, 2010

Oome Joe and Tante Lies

I took a 12"x12" quick page I really liked that was designed by AVDESIGNS and resized it to 11x11.  Then I cut an 8x10 1/2" piece out around the picture and embellishment cluster and pasted into a new layer.  That allowed me to resize the brown patterned paper frame to 8 1/2x11".  Since the frame is very small the distortion to the patterned paper is hardly noticeable.  I found some great pictures of DH's aunt and uncle to add to the page.  I then added the title using the font Brock Script.  I stroked the title with a darker brown colour.  I then added 9 pearls to the top right hand corner.  I used a Delicious Scraps textured tag to create the tag I added the date to.  I then added a drop shadow to all the layers except the date.

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